I am lucky in that when living in the north of England, I was able to travel frequently to the Lake District National Park and a also to the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.   Light is different from Country to Country, and it is  the cool light of the UK, which is so vital to the wonderful moody Lake views which I love to paint.   The climate of Northern France is similar much of the year.

As a contrary artist, even I have to smile at my preference to paint my British Landscapes in my cool studio in Andalucia in August.   But my real love is painting ‘En plein Air’.  Nothing can compare with the experience of painting directly from nature and many of this selection of landscapes were completed Plein Air.      For more details,  current availablity of the work,  and prices please use the contact form in the Contact page.

Winter Harmony  Pastel on Sennelier La Carte   25 x 19″

Grassington Winter Pastel on Sennelier La Carte   25 x 19″

Monet’s Garden   Pastel on Sennelier La Carte,  14 x 14″

Windermere Reflections  Pastel on La Carte,  14 x 14 “

Winter Birches   Pastel on  La Carte, 14 x 14″

Poppies  Pastel on Sansfix   14 x 14 “

Hoare Frost   Pastel on Fisher 400,  14 x 19″

Longridge Lane in Winter   Pastel on La Carte, 19 x 25 “

The River Winds    Pastel on La Carte   14 x19″

Sunset over the Bay  Pastel on Fisher 400 19 x 14″

Estuary Sunset   Pastel on Fisher 400  19 x 14″

Reflections on the Epte, Giverny  Pastel on La Carte, 25 x 19″

Capesthorne Lake Sunset  Pastel on La Carte,  25×19″

Reflections of Monet’s Garden  Pastel on Fisher 400, 14 x 19″

Sunlight and Shadows   Pastel on Fisher 400  14 x 19″

Bluebells at Alston Hall  Pastel on La Carte, 14 x 19″

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