Dogs are a Passion of Mine – particularly rescue dogs.    I am besotted by them!    In recent years I have donated three portraits a year minimum to raise funds at the rescue dog shows in Andalucia.   The plight of homeless dogs is particularly poor in Andalucia, but luckily there are many rescue centres who are always in need of financial aid.     The portraits  are much appreciated and fun to do – and as a sponsor I get to choose the winning dog or bitch who will be portrayed.   Yes that is me in the photo trying to sneak another puppy home!

Commissioned Pet Portraits

When I am commissioned to paint a dog I am a happy artist!    They are a great joy to me as they are to many and can be quite demanding to paint.    As a painter of course I see little distinction between a pedigree and a mixture breed.  Each portrait is special to me and of course, to their owners.  Much of the animal portrait work I do is posthumous and completed from whatever photography may be available, but over the years I have gained valuable skills in completing work like this.    So whether you have a little hairy family member who is a pedigree, a mixture, or not alive any more, feel free to contact me for details about having a portrait completed of them.   (Please use the contact form on the Contact page or email me.)

Willee and Weeby  Pastel on La Carte 19 x 19″

The portrait framed with the happy owner

Bridgella’s Northern Lights (Joshy)   Pastel on La Carte 35 x 25 inches

Left:   OOdles  Pastel on La Carte  19 x 25″   a dog with real attitude!

german shepherds triple portrait, pastel,

Cassie and Her family    Pastel on La Carte  25 x 18 ”    Commission

This is Perla – a Spanish Mastin.  Perla was a badly injured rescue dog, who found a great home with people who have bought her back to a normal life.    ‘PERLA’ – pastel on Sennelier La Carte.   25 x 19 inches.

Springer Spaniel, pastel

Max – Galleydown Domino   – our own wonderful Springer Spaniel.   Pastel on Hermes sandpaper – 27 x 22 inches.

Brucelm Diamond Harry Rocks Bridgella  ‘Hotpoint Harry’,  so named because of his love of raiding fridges and ovens!

25 x35″   Pastel o La Carte.

My Three Charms in the Sunset    Pastel on La Carte  19 x 25″

These are my three rescue dogs   Twiggy, Hebe and Heidi, set against the backdrop of the view from my lounge

Vicky    Pastel on La Carte    18 x 22″      Vicky also started life as a rescue dog

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