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“The wonderful medium of Pastel has coloured my world since I was in my teens.   It has remained a passion ever since,   both enchanting me and challenging me to this day, with it’s luminous beauty.     I am proud to be considered a specialist and historian in the medium, both as a painter of landscapes and portraits, but also equally proud of my 25 years as a tutor. More about me in my Bio.

My Landscape work on  British, French and Mediterranean themes reside in collections worldwide, but my artistic life began in  portraiture which remains a passion today, both of human and animal subjects, and how to commission a portrait information is in my portrait gallery.

My current mission is to  address the problem of pastel tuition – or lack of it for many, and I am currently working on a series of courses to that end.   They will be available online.      Watch this space!   Please sign up for my newsletters and updates.         This way you wont miss any important announcements.

Please enjoy your visit to my colourful world of pastel – and stay in touch!”

Heather Harman B A Hons

Spain 2015

Artist’s Statement 

‘It’s all About the Light’

Sometimes nature has a way of demanding you attention – of stopping you in your tracks.   With artists I think it happens a lot.    It it could be a fabulous beam of light in the sky – other times it can be a wonderful character coming through the eyes of an old guy sitting in a square in old Andalucia,  or the way light filtering through a grapevine plays on the group or people in a cafe. Or just an exceptionally beautiful face.

My quest for capturing the right effect of light in my painting  is the most important aspect of my work, whether it be the colour filled dappled shadows in a sun filled Mediterranean Garden, or the more specific demands of a beautiful portrait – illumination is paramount.

Always my work is in response to those special moments when light  scatters a pattern of shadows on the pavement.  Equally so patterns of light on the human form; light and illumination are central to my creativity. ”  

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