My Portrait Series and  Commissions


My portraits are either commissioned by clients or part of a series of portraits which I complete when I can for exhibition.    My portrait series are very close to my heart.   These are the paintings I paint for myself, although some are for sale.

Pastel historically was essentially a portrait medium, and for good reason;  it is just the most beautiful medium for portraiture – in either drawing or painting forms.    It is especially beautiful for children’s portraiture.

To commission a portrait – please read the  ‘How to Commission a Portrait’  guidelines tabbed under galleries.    It is quite common for me to work for clients in far off countries, but it helps if they can speak English!

For prices and availability of my portrait series please use the contact form  provided.


‘Three Ages Of Monet’  – Monet as a young man back centre, and all three set against the backdrop of his Giverny garden.    A real labour of love.    Pastel on Sennelier La Carte    35 x 25 inches

‘George and Toby’.     Pastel on Sennelier La Carte 19 x 25 inches.

Tarifa    Pastel on La Carte 19 x 25 inches

Light in Two Syllables  Pastel on Suedeboard  35 x 25 inches

Thorie’s Magic  Pastel on La Carte  25 x 19 inches

Thorie’s  Bubbles   Pastel on La Carte   25 x 19 inches

Sir Alex Ferguson   Pastel on La Carte  19 x 25 inches

Cat’s Eyes  Pastel on La Carte 19 x 25 inches

John Ruskin   Pastel on Mi Tientes   19 x 25 inches

Norman    Pastel on Mi Tientes   14 x 19″

Black Matilla   Pastel on La Carte  19 x 25 inches

Sol e Sombre    Pastel on La Carte  19 x 25 inches

Waiting for a Call  Pastel on La Carte 19 x 25 inches

EL Padron    Pastel on La Carte 25 x 19 inches

Shadow Play    Pastel on La Carte   25 x 19 inches

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