My love of clear light!

For many years I was privileged to be able to take dozens of painting groups from the UK into the warmer climate of the Mediterranean.    Those wonderful sun and fun filled holidays were behind the decision for Will and I to move to Andalucia.   (It also meant a little less traveling!)    It could have been Turkey or Greece or France but one thing they all have in common is the wonderful light;  the same overwhelming reaction to the light that Van Gogh experienced in Provence, and the same light that Monet chased until his taking up home in Giverny.   Of course back in the UK  I couldn’t wait to get back into the sunny climates;  the wonderful islands of Greece, the fabulous Turquoise Coast of Turkey,  The unspoilt beauty of Pelion are all featured in this selection.     

Some of these paintings are available as originals and most are available on my reproduction print page.   For more details of the original work, and which ones are available please mail me through my contact page.

Campo Poppies   Pastel On Sennelier La Carte  14 x 14″

Vinuela Summer  Pastel on La CArte 14 x 14″

Lavender Garden  Pastel on La Carte 14 x 14″  This is my garden

Heading for the Lake – Morning walk   Pastel on La Carte  25 x 19″

Autumn in Aranjuez -Spain   Pastel on La Carte  25 x 18″

Vinuela Park  Pastel on La Carte  19 x 25″   This painting was a live demo for my Spanish painting group

Aranjuez Palace Reflections – Spain   Pastel on Fisher 400 14 x 19″

Heading Home  Pastel on Fisher 400  19 x 14″  This is a common site from the drive to our house.

The Avenue of Trees in Torre del Mar.  Pastel on La Carte 19 x 25″   This is a valuable record of this avenue,  Within months it was dug up for a new water main and re planted.  This was a live demonstration.

Campo Light in Spring   Pastel on Fisher 400    19 x 19″   This is a view down the road from our house.

Old Paco’s House – Andalucia   Pastel on Fisher 400    14 x 14″

In the Shade – Pastel on Colourfix.    23 x 19″    This is from my 2012 series called ‘White Walls’.

Old Fishermans Cottage – Demouchari Bay  Pelion   Pastel on La Carte 14 x 19″

Rock Pool – Demouchari, Pelion    Pastel on La Carte,  19 x 25″

Three Ancient Pots by the bay   Pastel on La Carte  19 x 25″

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